Tuc-Away Tables KTC2143-WH Kensington Edition Table Review

Where’s the coffee table when you need one to place your drink!

Short on space but need a functional coffee table at the same time? The Tuc-Away Tables KTC2143-WH Kensington Edition Table is a great addition for any small apartments on the lookout for smart and functional furniture. Just Flip it up to use. Or Fold it down to open up floor space!

Pros: No Assembly Required. Great space saving feature for a coffee table. Does the job. Has 3 color options.

Cons: Set up is not intuitive, you’ll need to take a look at the instructional video to have a easier time with it. Easy wear and tear. Not suitable for placing heavy objects.

Available in 3 colors: White, Grey and Black.




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  • Foldable and space saving feature
  • Attaches and detaches to sofas with 1.5″ clearance from floor
  • Portable.
  • Supports weight up to 10 lbs


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  • Dimensions: 18″H x 16.6″L x 1.75″D
  • Made of Plastic and Metal


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